Worth It // Fervent Week Four (Part One)

  1. Valerie says:

    I am working through this book. The enemy is ever present in my life trying his best to pull me in and have me surrender to him in defeat. I am enduring the emotional anguish of discovering a 2 year affair my husband has had with a married woman that resulted in a child. A month later he confessed to 6 other affairs even dating back before our marriage. A total of 19 years of lies and deceit. I am struggling to keep my head afloat. The enemy is real- he knows your weakness…he strategically waits until you experience a little bit of joy and hope and then hits you again until where you fear happiness, you fear the good times, you fear hope and reconciliation. He causes you to build walls, stay guarded, not let the light in because it is only followed by darkness and pain. this book is helping me stock pile my arsenal.

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