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I love the thrill of starting new things; the excitement and challenge of running a business. I believe that every woman—regardless of her background—has the potential to do God sized things. Let's make those big dreams a reality!

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Although they tend to put a bad taste in the mouths of many people, Multilevel Marketing Companies (MLMs)—or Network Marketing Companies as they are sometimes called—are one of the most popular and most profitable business ventures around. But there are many reasons why you should consider Network Marketing. It’s a revenue and home business opportunity that has been around for a long time.

Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware…almost everyone knows someone who has been a part of an MLM. It’s only been in the last few years that they’ve really made a big comeback and gained traction again. In 2017, Network Marketing brought in $189.6 billion (yes billion with a “b”) in global sales and paid out $76 billion to its distributors; likewise MLMs have paid their distributors over $600 billion since 2009. (src). Guys…that’s a lot of income and a lot of profit for both company and distributor.

The problem with MLM’s comes from people who don’t know or don’t understand how to do it the right way. How many of you have gotten those, “Hey girl! Have you heard about _____?!” messages. I know I have. They call it cold-messaging and it doesn’t work. It’s the quickest way to lose friends, get blocked and turn someone OFF from your product or company. It’s the main reason I left my first attempt at being a part of an MLM. I joined, started pretty well, made rank within the company pretty quick and then the “you need to cold message 15-20 people a day” stuff started.

Not happening. So, I folded. Left the business and never planned to return to Network marketing. If that’s what it consisted of, I didn’t want any part in it. But, then a friend sent me a quality product that I used and loved and my mindset changed. That’s when I realized that not all MLM’s are created the same and not all Network Marketers are cold-messaging fiends who prey on their entire social media list. I decided to take another chance.

Why You Should Consider Network Marketing for your extra income source

You decide how much or how little you work.

Let’s face it. Sometimes those 9-5 jobs don’t quite cut it. As a military wife, I know too well how hard it can be when your spouse works and there is more month than money. But, I also know how important it is for someone—whether myself or my husband—to be an ever present, active part of our children’s lives. Being a part of an MLM allows me to choose when I want to work and how much energy I want to put into it. Have extra time? Work to my hearts content. Need a break? Need to be with my kids? No worries. No obligation.

Make money recommending products you already use.

So many people turn their nose up at MLM’s without even considering that Network Marketers do exactly what big time influencers do: they get paid for recommending products. I have been recommending, review and offering opinions on everything from Bible Studies to Web Themes for 11 years. Most, if not all successful online bloggers earn some of their income from affiliate marketing. MLM’s are the same, but have a much higher compensation payout and the opportunity to move up and earn more.

The flexibility to work online and on the go.

When we moved across the country from Alaska to North Carolina in 2014, I literally had to shut my design business down for almost eight weeks. It’s virtually impossible to keep a business that requires constant computer access up and running when you don’t have the ability to sit down and work. With an MLM, the majority of your work is done through networking—communicating online, via text and on social media. My work goes wherever I go. If I’m sitting in car line, I can get some work done. If I’m getting my hair done, I can get some work done. When we move again in two years, my work goes with me and I never have to worry about getting behind.

You are your own Boss.

This is one part of being a Network Marketer that I absolutely love. You can choose your own hours. You can choose your own schedule. I also choose my team. I get to add clients and customers and distributors to my team; meaning I get to choose people whose ideals and morals and integrity align with mine. I get to make the choices as to whether I work nights and weekends, whether I work holidays and how many days off I get. Most people who are entrepreneurs and business owners will tell you the same thing:once you work for yourself, it’s hard to go back to corporate America.

The Sky is the Limit.

With an MLM, there is virtually no limit as to how much money you can earn or how high you can go. I have friends who started out at the bottom and have climbed all the way to the very top of their Network Marketing tier. Friends who have paid off all of their debt, bought brand new SUV’s for cash and have given exceedingly abundantly to multiple charities because of the income they earned through the MLM. As with any business that you start—MLM or otherwise—you decide how successful you will become.

How do I choose an MLM?

The biggest thing to consider when choosing which MLM you’d like to be a part of? Find a company with a product that you can back 100%. A few years ago I tried working with and selling products through a weight loss MLM. I had a lot of success, lost a lot of the weight I wanted to lose and felt phenomenal. I supported the product and endorsed the product because I had used it and loved it. But, the company started to push shady and unprofessional marketing tactics. Cold messaging and barraging friends and acquaintances endlessly to convince them use the product and purchase what I was selling.

I had to step away. I don’t do business that way and I refuse to stand behind a company that uses those methods. This year, I stepped into business with Beauty & Wellness Company Monat because I:

  • Love the products and have seen how well they work…
  • Stand behind the quality of the products they are producing…
  • Believe wholeheartedly in the heart behind their company…
  • Love that I do not have to keep an inventory of products in order to be a partner with them…
  • Appreciate the commission I am able to learn…
  • Endorse the philanthropy and advocacy of family values that they carry out and promote.

Because I can stand with them and behind them with 100% confidence. I don’t have any problem promoting the product because I know that it works and I know that it can work for others. I know that the company’s values align with my own and I know that I am not being schemed into going into debt just to make a profit.

Have you ever done network marketing? What are you opinions on it? Have you had negative experiences or have you found them to be a reasonable business venture with good benefits?

Why You Should Consider Network Marketing

Why You Should Consider Network Marketing


November 2, 2019

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