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Apr 2, 2020

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The Tony Evans Study Bible

I received a Review copy of the Tony Evans Study Bible from the good folks at Christian Standard Bible in exchange for my honest opinion. Their generosity in no way influenced my opinion.

I am a very big fan of Tony Evans and his teaching. Kingdom Woman was one of those really great eye-opening books early in my marriage and my husband and I organized a church event when the Kingdom Man movie was released. When I learned that he had his own study bible coming out, I was eager to get my hands on it and check it out.

Initial Impression

Is this really leather touch?! It feels like calf split leather!

But, seriously. I was sent a copy of the British Tan LeatherTouch edition and it is absolutely beautiful. I have multiple bibles made of a variety of materials. Most leather bibles are really stiff and not quite as flexible as their more expensive calf split leather counterparts. This new LeatherTouch feels like calf-split without the price tag.

Tony Evans Study Bible Review

What’s Inside?

The Tony Evans Study Bible is translated using the super easy to read Christian Standard Translation. This is one of my favorite translations and joins the ranks with other study/devotional bibles like the ones from She Reads Truth and (In)courage.

Study Notes & Videos

This bible is full of notes, excerpts and takeaways from Dr. Evans personal study and sermon notes spanning over 50 years. There are also video QR links available all throughout the bible for additional resources and information. I love the ability to do a quick scan and hear a word from Dr. Evans via my phone.

Chapter Introductions

One thing I have learned to love when I do my studying of the Word, is the information relating to the time in which the book was written. Often when we pick up the Bible we take it and go with it without attention to context. Each book of the Bible includes an introduction that discusses matters of authorship, historical background, and purpose. Each is accompanied by a video that you can access on your mobile device using the provided QR code. In these videos, Dr. Evans briefly discusses the books overall purpose and theme.

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Life Application Tools

There are multiple different life application tools within this study bible; my favorite being the Kingdom Living Lessons. In Dr. Evans words these are:

Practical lessons regarding your ability to live your life according to God’s kingdom agenda, the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of your life. These are divided into five categories: Kingdom, Personal, Family, Church, and Community.

There are also Question & Answer segments throughout with questions relating to everything from theology and doctrine, to Dr. Evans own experiences within the ministry. These are available indexed and without the index, which I love. A little more detailed rundown of the features inside:

  • Study notes crafted from Tony Evans sermons and writings
  • Five cover options
  • 40 inspirational articles
  • 50 “Lessons on Kingdom Living”
  • Plethora of “Questions & Answers”
  • Numerous “Hope Words”
  • Over 150 videos of sermons
  • Devotionals, and teaching from Dr. Evans, page-edge cross-reference system
  • Black-letter text
  • Presentation page and introductory front matter
  • Special back matter section with key definitions
  • Theological and doctrinal charts, and other study helps
  • Concordance
  • Bible reading plan
  • Full-color maps 

The Downsides

The only downside, for me personally, was the lack of note space. I like to take notes in my Bible and this one was lacking in terms of “scribble space.” That said, I didn’t expect much by the way of margins in a study bible. If you aren’t much for video or QR codes, these will probably feel in the way for you as they are a dominant eye catcher throughout the Bible.

Overall Impression

This is definitely a Bible that I am glad to have added to my repertoire. The study notes are doctrinally sound, full of every day application and the video capabilities are really outstanding. I loved the overall feel of the Bible (from a physical standpoint). It’s not overly heavy or large. They type isn’t too small and the paper is of good quality. If you’re looking for a good study Bible, this would be a great one to add to your collection for both the study notes and the life application excerpts. You can find a full video/instagram flip through of this Bible in my highlights.

You can grab your copy of the Tony Evans Study Bible on Amazon, Christian Book or anywhere else Bibles are sold.

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