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Growing up in Alabama, we never got to experience a Snow Day. When we did get snow (which, anyone living in the deep south knows only happens once every 10 years or so…) it was only enough to cover the ground. Maybe an inch if we were really lucky. Snow is just not in the climate […]

Random Things

November 13, 2011

Snow Day

I totally skipped out on iPhoneography and whatnot last week. Completely and totally forgot what was going on. It was a busy, busy, busy week; and truthfully, this week hasn’t been any better. But, my iPod is overflowing and that means that you guys get double doses of iPod photos today! (Go ahead, get excited. […]

Random Things

August 25, 2011

Our Weekday Rewind

My lovely friend Jessica @ Freckles and Dirt has written a great post today called Did I Ask for your Advice? Make sure you check that out while you’re here! It’s hilarious and something that we can all relate to! I wish blog buttons would play nice. I love showing off everyone’s cute meme buttons, […]

Random Things

August 11, 2011

Our Weekly Rewind

How was your week? Things were good here. Despite wishing I was at #BlogHer and trying to get caught up on blog comments, things were pretty low key around here. I started my C25K Program on Monday, started keeping track of calories again using My Fitness Pal, and I just feel better all the way […]

Random Things

August 5, 2011

Our Weekly Rewind

So how was everyone’s week? Things were pretty good here at the “K” household. Lots of work for me, a few days of gorgeous sunshine (followed by some down days of RAIN) and a happy and somewhat healthier little boy. I know I’ve said it before, but I really love these posts…the ones where I […]

Random Things

July 29, 2011

Our Weekly Rewind

  This week has blown by. Little Man is still sick off and on, the husband jumped on a plane and took off to Anchorage and who-knows-where-else on Wednesday night (don’t worry, it was work related), and I’ve been as busy as could be. (Not to mention, I’m still waiting to pee on that stick…holding […]

Random Things

July 22, 2011

iPhoneography Recap

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