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One thing I get asked frequently is how do you go about protecting your photos on your blog? There are a lot of photo thieves and weirdo’s out there who have no issues stealing pictures of people, their families, and their children. It’s frustrating and it’s frightening; especially if you are one of the unfortunate […]


November 7, 2012

Optimizing and Protecting your Images

One of the most frequently received emails that comes through my inbox is, “How do I start a Design Business?“. In the last month alone I’ve gotten fourteen letters from different people regarding starting a business. I replied to one or two of them individually, but as the emails just kept coming, I decided that a […]

Business, Family, Random Things, Uncategorized, Work at Home Mom

August 14, 2012

So, You Want to Start a Design Business?

How to Start a Design Business

If you’ve missed any of the Move to Manual series so far, be sure to check it out! We’ve spent the last several weeks covering all of the basic aspects of photography and how to use your camera. We’ve gone over the basics of composition and lighting; what aperture is; how shutter speed, iso and […]

Move to Manual, photography, Random Things

April 3, 2012

Move to Manual: Wrapping it Up

This is going to be the last tutorial in the Move to Manual Series! Next week, I’m going to go over setting up a shot and how I prepare my settings and position my subject. Next weeks post won’t go up until Tuesday because I want you guys to take a full week to review the tutorials […]

Move to Manual, photography, Random Things

March 27, 2012

Move to Manual: Understanding Metering

We are slowly winding down this series on understanding your camera a bit better and making that jump from Auto to Manual. I really appreciate all of the feedback that you guys have given and I hope that you are all enjoying this series as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. To view all […]

Move to Manual, photography, Random Things

March 18, 2012

Move to Manual: Understanding Focal Points

Can you guys believe we are coming to the end of our Move to Manual journey?! It’s hard to believe that we started this just a few weeks ago and have already discussed so much. Are you guys learning a lot? I’ve enjoyed seeing all of you post your images over in the Group Flickr […]

Move to Manual, photography, Random Things

March 11, 2012

Move to Manual: White Balance

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