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If this is your first time visiting, you might want to take a second to subscribe to my RSS Feed, hop over to Twitter and give me a shout, or visit my Facebook Page. I love connecting with new readers. Thanks so much for visiting! Cloth Diapers or Store Bought Diapers? Breastfeed or Bottle Feed? […]

Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood

June 29, 2011

Judgmental Mommy

There are some things in life that frustrate me more than others. People who drive 15 miles under the speed limit and then want to ride your bumper when you pass them; people who feel the need to tell you every single bad thing about a person or a place before you ever meet or […]

Blogging, Random Things

March 4, 2011

On Blogging, Copycats & Plagiarism

I was an OUTSTANDING English Student-both in college and in high school. While I make no claims at speaking in grammatically correct jargon all the time, there are some things that drive me absolutely insane. “Ain’t.” Double Negatives [I haven’t never…or worse: I ain’t never]. Misuse of the there, their, and they’re. Or misuse of […]

Random Things

December 28, 2010

The one where I complain about a Children’s T-Shirt

I hate the post office. Really. Never have I been there, gotten what I needed to get or mailed what I needed to mail without some sort of ridiculous debacle. When I mailed hubby’s first “care package” to him last month, what should have been a quick in and out type thing, turned into a […]

Random Things

August 26, 2010

Postal Disaster

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