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First, I want to say thanks for all of the AMAZING feedback I received on my post this week about creating habits of materialism in our children. Ironically, the post received zero comments but the feedback I go through Facebook, email, and from in person comments by my readers was so encouraging. If I’m being […]

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March 14, 2014

Getting Rid of the Clutter: From Materialism to Simplicity

Yesterday was one of “those” days. You know which ones I’m talking about. I don’t know if it’s something with the moon (ever notice how the moon gets the blame when our kids are driving us nuts?) or what. But it wasn’t a good day. There were spankings. Time outs. Whining. Fussing. Crying. Clingy-ness. Spilled […]

Family, Motherhood

August 27, 2013

Even in Chaos, I am Blessed.

I’ve started to notice that my biggest baby, really isn’t a baby anymore. He doesn’t look like a baby. He doesn’t talk like a baby. He doesn’t play like a baby. We’ve bypassed and moved beyond the terms of “toddler” and “preschooler.” Noah’s just a kid. A full-fledged little boy with barrels of energy and […]

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July 24, 2013

Big Kid Problems

Jonah is going on five months and we are finally starting to hit a stride around here. While there are still several days where I end up collapsing in bed when the day is over, I feel like there are more days now where I sit back and can say, “This isn’t so bad. Maybe […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

April 15, 2013

Two Brothers

One thing everyone told me when I was pregnant with Jonah was that I would have no trouble loving both of my boys the same. That while I may love them differently, it would still be the same kind of love…the same amount of love. That part is true. I love Jonah as much as […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

February 25, 2013

My Favorite Child..

This post is hard for me to write. But, I’m really struggling right now with parenting two boys. Not in a “I’m still sleep deprived” and “Having a baby is so hard” kind of way. But in a trying to show both of my boys how much I love them kind of way. Jonah is […]

Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood

February 18, 2013

To Divide and Conquer

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