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You know…that thing. YOUR thing. That little (or maybe it’s big) sin that you can’t let go of. The one thing that you feel like keeps your from God and from really and truly sensing His presence in your life. Because we all have one. Every single one of us. For some it’s vanity. For some […]

faith, Lifestyle

June 17, 2015

What’s your “Thing?”

I think we all reach a point where start to wonder whether or not we will actually reach whatever goal it is we’ve been striving for. Whether we’re aiming at healthy living, weight loss, opening a business, mending a broken relationship…sooner or later, we start to question whether or not our hard work is going […]

Random Things

August 25, 2011

Is the work worth it?

I still remember the very first day I met “the boy wizard.” I was 10 years old, and in the 5th grade. I always read on an Advanced Level, because (let’s face it) I was just as much of a nerd back then as I was in high school. I remember my small-town Elementary School […]


July 26, 2011

Saying Goodbye to the Boy Wizard

Last August, I went out on a limb and created a list of 25 Things to Do before I Turn 25. When my blog crashed last week, and I was forced to go back through all of my posts—debating which ones to keep and which ones, if any, to delete—I stumbled back across this list. […]

Lifestyle, Random Things

July 14, 2011

Revisiting 25

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed a status update the other day I posted about the little man and his new shoes. Last week, Little Man finally started grunting and saying “Ouch” when we put his New Balances on him; so I figured it was time to buy some new kicks. […]

Lifestyle, Random Things

July 13, 2011

One Thousand Miles in these Shoes

You know, when you’re growing up three years seems like an eternity. You turn 13 and you just know that the next three years, the time you have to wait to get that all important drivers license, is going to just drag. Time seems to speed up ten fold when you have a child. It’s […]

Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood

July 10, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee | Rockin the Baby

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