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How’s your week been so far? Ours has been cold. Really frigid cold. 24 degrees as the high…cold. You get it. But, what was I to expect since, you know, we live in Alaska and all. I’m excited to have Nicole from Moments That Define Life here at my Feature Friday Blogger this week! She’s another […]

Random Things

November 17, 2011

Feature Friday | Undiscovered Dreams

How are you guys liking this new Feature Friday addition? I have to tell you, I’m loving it. I love having a “day off” every week; but more than that, I love being able to feature and spotlight some of my favorite bloggers week after week. Giving back to this fantastic blog community makes me […]

Random Things

November 3, 2011

Feature Friday | Rainbowy

I have some really great bloggers lined up for you guys these next few weeks. I can already tell that Feature Friday is going to be one of my absolute favorite aspects of this blog. Introducing all of my readers to new bloggers and meeting new readers through the social media chain makes me all kinds of […]

Random Things

October 27, 2011

Feature Friday | Teacher & Mom

Last week I mentioned that I had a new feature in store for all of my readers. I’m calling this weekly addition to my blog Feature Friday. It’s an opportunity for me to introduce all of you to new bloggers you might not know and an opportunity for bloggers (especially new bloggers) to do some […]

Blogging, Random Things

October 20, 2011

Four Years Apart | Feature Friday

This morning I have something brand new in store for all of you. I’ve been thinking of doing this for several months, but didn’t have the readership or the interest in the idea that I seem to have now. I decided a few weeks ago that with my blog following growing, I wanted to add […]


January 5, 2010

The Perfect Woman

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