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I’m happy to have my friend Kathryn from Singing Through the Rain here to guest post today sharing a precious reminder that our kids are who they are and they are special in their own ways…because they are OURS. A few weekends ago I was sick and my husband took my son, Adam to Chick-fil-a […]


October 4, 2012

He’s Special (Guest Post)

I’m really excited about today’s Feature Friday Blogger. Katie and I go way back; all the way to our college and pageant days. She knew me during some of my craziest times and could probably tell some horror stories from my time in college. No matter, she’s always been one of those genuinely beautiful people, […]


April 6, 2012

Feature Friday: Not Just Us

Today’s Feature Friday Blogger is one of the most genuine people I think I’ve ever “met” (online, of course). I started reading Jessica’s Bloga long, long time ago (back when I was still a newbie and had a terrible blogger template). I fell in love with her words and her authenticity; with her bravery and […]

Random Things, Uncategorized

March 8, 2012

Feature Friday: Unwavering Love

I am so happy to have Tina from Life without Pink as my Feature Friday Blogger today! As you can tell by the name of her site, she’s raising boys without a little girl in site. She and I met ages ago it seems, and her blog is always entertaining, thought provoking and insightful. Make sure […]


March 2, 2012

Feature Friday: Baby Sister

I’m excited to have Tonya from Letters for Lucas here to be today’s Feature Friday Blogger! Her blog is always full of encouragement and inspiration. I love popping over to see what she has going on and I always come away feeling encouraged; either because she’s made me laugh or stirred something in me emotionally. She’s […]


February 24, 2012

Feature Friday: Best Friends

How’s your week been so far? Ours has been cold. Really frigid cold. 24 degrees as the high…cold. You get it. But, what was I to expect since, you know, we live in Alaska and all. I’m excited to have Nicole from Moments That Define Life here at my Feature Friday Blogger this week! She’s another […]

Random Things

November 17, 2011

Feature Friday | Undiscovered Dreams

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