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Admitting that somewhere along the line you have messed up is hard. Admitting that we’ve said something hurtful, done something hurtful, or just intentionally done something to someone for reasons unknown…is hard. Accepting the mistakes. Admitting your flaws. Asking forgiveness….is hard. But, I don’t know that there is anything quite as eye opening and as […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

March 6, 2014

Where We Messed Up: Battling Materialism in your Children

Okay. So I’m a little behind on my posting (say 6+ months behind). And I’ve been completely MIA for a while. But for some reason, fitting blogging into my schedule isn’t as easy now that I have two kiddos, a husband, a business to run, and I’ve decided to go back to school part time. My […]

Random Things

January 16, 2014

2013 in Review

This post is hard for me to write. But, I’m really struggling right now with parenting two boys. Not in a “I’m still sleep deprived” and “Having a baby is so hard” kind of way. But in a trying to show both of my boys how much I love them kind of way. Jonah is […]

Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood

February 18, 2013

To Divide and Conquer

…the last time that I laid down to go to bed and managed to get the “necessary” uninterrupted eight hours of sleep. …the last time I went to the bathroom on my own with no one peeking in on me or standing outside the door asking if I was done. Or asking whether I was […]

Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood

February 8, 2013

I Can’t Remember…

We all know that our kids grow to fast. We struggle to make it through pregnancy and count down the days until our kids arrive. The last days of waiting drag by. Then, when they are born, we curse the clock on a daily basis and bed it to slow down. That’s what I love […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

February 2, 2013

Remember the Small Things

2:00 am. Five minute feeding and then back to sleep. Fingers crossed that we get at least a three hour stretch this time. 4:30 am. Two and a half hours. It’s better than one hour or one and a half hours. Time for him to eat again. Seven minute feeding and he’s back asleep. Crawl […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things, Work at Home Mom

January 18, 2013

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