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One thing everyone told me when I was pregnant with Jonah was that I would have no trouble loving both of my boys the same. That while I may love them differently, it would still be the same kind of love…the same amount of love. That part is true. I love Jonah as much as […]

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February 25, 2013

My Favorite Child..

This post is hard for me to write. But, I’m really struggling right now with parenting two boys. Not in a “I’m still sleep deprived” and “Having a baby is so hard” kind of way. But in a trying to show both of my boys how much I love them kind of way. Jonah is […]

Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood

February 18, 2013

To Divide and Conquer

2:00 am. Five minute feeding and then back to sleep. Fingers crossed that we get at least a three hour stretch this time. 4:30 am. Two and a half hours. It’s better than one hour or one and a half hours. Time for him to eat again. Seven minute feeding and he’s back asleep. Crawl […]

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January 18, 2013

2:00 am to Midnight

I ‘ve reached the point in my pregnancy where we are past the annoying “Oh, another boy…you must disappointed” and the “Wow! You still have xx numbers of weeks to go?” phase. Instead, we’ve hit the “Are You Ready?” phase. I know that most of the time people just ask this in a general “are […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

October 28, 2012

Are you Ready?

This past weekend we ventured out and did the traditional “Fall Festival” visit at the local Elementary School. I was hesitant to go becauseof the dozens upon dozens of kids that I’d have to face I’m so beyond pregnant right now and pretty much have to waddle everywhere I go. But, not wanting to miss […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

October 24, 2012

Getting Our Fall On

It happens the same every single day. One of my favorite parts about being in Alaska is the coming of winter… When the sun doesn’t “wake up” until after 8:00 am and the darkness lingers for a bit longer in the mornings. Those are the mornings it happens. Somewhere between 5:00 am and 7:00 am. […]

Family, Motherhood, Random Things

October 1, 2012

My Favorite Moments

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