I could probably sit here for two hours and try to come up with a million and one reasons why you should stick around here. I could tell you all kind of wonderful things about me and all the things that I believe in and aspire to do or anticipate accomplishing. I could feed you full of promises for life success or pin worthy recipes.Truth be told, I’ve got none of that.

Here’s what you won’t find…

I’m not a recipe blogger…so you won’t find beautiful food photography, healthy dishes and colorful healthy dishes that can be prepared in multiple ways with complete nutritional breakdown included.

I’m not really snarky and sarcastic…so I won’t be sharing negativity with an edge of humor in a sense to make myself seem funny or witty.

I‘m not a master at calligraphy or photography…I won’t be offering you pure visual satisfaction with my perfectly staged unrealistic empty background minimalist photos and gorgeous script printable’s.

I’m not a fitness blogger...so I can’t give you a quick and easy way to lose 25 pounds or tone up in two hours.

What I am is a sinner, saved by an Almighty God. I have a lot of demons in my past and I can’t pretend that they don’t show their ugly head time and time again. But, for whatever reason, the good Lord decided to lay it on my heart to share my story. My messy, broken, not at all perfect story.

So what will you find here?

What you will find is a real and honest look at this crazy, messy, chaotic, joy-filled life that I live. Everything from my messy parenting fails and struggle with self-esteem to my hard-core faith and reason for quitting “American Christianity” once and for all. I share raw, emotion-filled posts on all of the hard things that some people are scared to talk about. I may be a hot mess most days, but I believe with my whole heart that God has given each of us a story to tell. 

I’m just using this corner of the internet to share mine.

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