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Remember the Small Things

February 2, 2013

We all know that our kids grow to fast.

We struggle to make it through pregnancy and count down the days until our kids arrive.

The last days of waiting drag by.

Then, when they are born, we curse the clock on a daily basis and bed it to slow down.

That’s what I love about photography. About the ability to capture the little things about our kids we don’t want to forget.

Like the way their eyelashes curl perfectly in the middle and the way their hair falls across their face when they are weeks overdue for a haircut.


Or the way their chubby little legs looked after getting those dreaded vaccines in their earliest days. The bright colored band-aids that seem to clash against their smooth creamy baby skin.


The way their hands unknowingly clench and flex while they sleep…making you wonder what kind of dreams they are dreaming.


The way their cowlick refuses to lay down. No matter how short you cut their hair or how many times you brush it.


The way they crawl into the center of the bed in the middle of the night…no matter if someone is laying there or not.

The way they coo and cackle before letting you know that they are ready to be picked up.

The way they smile at preschool pickup, run into your arms and say, “My day was good mommy!”

These days are fleeting. These details will disappear.

So I choose to capture them.

 Each month I’ll be participating in a photo challenge blog circle with some of the fabulous ladies from Clickin’ Moms. Each lady will share her photos coordinating with the months challenge. This months theme was Close Up. Continue through this months circle by heading over to visit Megan at Click Happy Life!

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  4. Kimberly says:

    You captured this perfectly, both the words and photos.

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