While it doesn’t always feel like it, your family and your life are changing by the moment, and eventually, those moments start to add up. You may not see it now, but this moment? This season? This time you are in the middle of right now? This is the stuff life is made of; the moments like these that make up the compilation of your life—your story. Let’s capture those moments before they become memories. 

Time is such a fickle thing; stealing from us every chance it can.

My kind of people….

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Know how to laugh at themselves and aren’t afraid to just let their true self show. Whether it’s telling silly jokes with your kids or sharing an intimate moment with the love of your life—I’m here to capture it all.

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Know how to let life happen. Sometimes it’s easy to think we need to be in control of everything—even a photo session. But, the most beautiful and timeless moments are often hidden in the unruly and unstaged in between. 

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Breathe deep the significance of the moment they are living in. Even when the seasons and stages of life aren’t easy, they understand and recognize that these tiny moments are the ones that make a life. 

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Understand the value of leaving behind a beautiful, timeless collection of frozen moments in time. Leaving behind a legacy is so much more than written words and heirloom collectibles. It’s the laughter, the love, and the unmistakable joy of being with your people. 

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investment: Starting at $300


Too often we think that “adventures” need to happen in faraway places with an exorbitant budget when in reality, the adventure is already happening around you. Even the simplest moments can bring the biggest adventure. Setting up a tent for a weekend campout, intense rounds of family UNO matches, a trip downtown for Ice Cream cones., or the excitement surrounding that new puppy your kids have always wanted—no matter the moment, there’s a story there worth telling. 

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- 1-2 hour outdoor session at your home or on location
- Show up as you are, no matching outfits required
- Moment driven imagery, paired with a sprinkling of portraits
- Includes $250 non-refundable retainer fee, due at the time of booking
- Full digital gallery of moment-filled (30-40) photographs
- Complimentary 8.5x8.5”, 30-page photo book, to house your beautiful images...a perfect addition to your coffee table

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investment: starting at $400

A Day in the Life

As a mama of three and a wife of almost 13 years, I know how mundane and exhausting the hours can become. Sometimes, you look around and start to believe that there’s nothing of any real significance happening under your roof other than the exhaustion setting in. I get it, mama. Let me come show you just how beautiful and how remarkable your story—your life—truly is. Your life, your home, your perfectly imperfect story. 

Sometimes it just takes an outside perspective to help you see that you’re life and all of its quirkiness, messiness, and upheaval is perfect just the way that it is. These are the moments that you’ll miss; this is the legacy you’ll leave behind. Let’s capture it in all of its beauty.

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- Half-Days (4 hours) or Full-Days (7 hours)
- Event centered or moment driven
- Digital Archive Access to all of your files
- Full digital gallery of moment-filled (30-40) photographs
- Complimentary 8.5x8.5”, 30-page photo book of your favorite images, to house your beautiful images...a perfect addition to your coffee table
- No rules, no requirements...just you and your beautiful life 
- Includes $300 retainer fee, due at the time of booking

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portrait services

Senior Sessions

You’ve worked for it for as long as you can remember. You’ve shed tears, you’ve stayed up late, you may even have shed some blood (I was a clumsy athlete, no judgment here). Everything you’ve done in your life up until now was to prepare you for this moment in your life. Bring your favorite books, that guitar you’ve been playing since you could pick it up, or those PomsPoms you’ve waved since you were in 9th grade. These moments are the you that you are right now. 

You’re still learning who you are and who you are will continue to change, but let’s capture this version of you. This excited, exuberant, heading into the world, without fear, ‘I can do anything!’ version of who you are right now. You’ve earned it!

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Portrait Sessions

Everyone loves a good portrait, but who says that portraiture has to look like something from the 90’s Sears catalog or include Khaki pants and white button-downs? Your portrait session should still reflect who you are; whether you’re a family of five or you need new headshots for your business card. Whatever your story, whatever your need...plain portraiture is out and you deserve to look and feel fantastic!

Together, we will discuss location and styling and what your portrait needs are; ensuring that you have the best experience possible, walk away confident, and in love with the images that we create. I’ll capture your authenticity, the beauty of your personality, and the details that make you, you. Bonus: We will have a blast doing it!

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investment: starting at $350

investment: starting at $200

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

You’ve waited months, maybe even years for this moment. Whether grown from your heart or your womb, it’s finally time to bring your little one home and begin a new chapter in life. There is no moment quite as Earth-shattering, exciting, terrifying, or humbling as bringing home your baby. Don’t worry about your hair or whether your clothes match. This is a moment that you will never want to forget. 

Together, we will laugh, snuggle, and dote upon your precious little one while simultaneously capturing the peaceful serenity and haze of those first days. Relax, take it in, and enjoy these fleeting moments. These days, you will cherish for an eternity. 

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investment: starting at $400

the process

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Meet & Greet

step one.

Meet & Greets can be done over coffee with just a phone consultation. After you submit your retainer fee and we set a date, you’ll be sent a quick questionnaire to fill out so that I can get to know and learn a bit more about who you are/what your family is like. 

Let’s Make a Plan

step two.

We will discuss details, clothes, or possible activities depending on the session you are booking. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have or clarify any uncertainties you may have. 

Session Day!

step three.

This is the day you’ve waited for! Let’s get clicking (sorry, y’all...corny jokes are my specialty). You get to be you, and I get to watch the magic unfold. I will give a gentle nudge here and there, but my goal is to tap into your inner wonder and let you shine!

 Sneak Peeks & Reveals

step four.

Within the first 36 hours, I’ll share a professionally edited photo from your session on my social media account. These are so much fun and really boost both your excitement and the excitement of your friends and family! With four to six weeks, you will be sent a private link to view your entire gallery!

Building the Legacy

step five.

You’ve seen your images and now it’s time to wrap everything up! If you’re choosing your choosing the images from your gallery, this is where you will choose the images for your gallery and order any additional prints. All of my clients have the opportunity to order professional quality prints through my printing company at discounted prices. We will create your lasting legacy, together. 

signature images

Mini moments

day in the life

senior + portraits

newborn photos

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Every session is full of emotion, laughter, and authentic relationships.

but here is what others are saying


When I first saw our photos, I cried. I couldn’t believe how perfectly she captured our family and the excitement of having our second child.

"These photos are priceless."

- Callie, In-Home Newborn Session

I drove 500 miles just to let Courtney take my Senior portraits. Best decision ever! It was almost impossible to decide which ones to print and frame. I love them all!

"Best decision ever!"

- Hannah, Senior Portrait Session

I love great photography, but Courtney captured my girls in a way that no one else ever has. Every detail, every smile, every thing I want to remember about them.

"I could not believe my eyes..."

- Megan, Outdoor Portrait Session

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