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One Thousand Miles in these Shoes

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  1. I had a pair of “All Purpose Shoes” as I called them and I wore them until there was no more shoe. Even then I continued to wear them. So yes, I become attached to my shoes long after their prime.

  2. Wow, I must admit I’ve never thought of shoes that way before. I already have a hard time letting go of things and now I will stop and think before I get rid of any shoes!

  3. Kimberly says:

    I have clothes that I can’t get rid of for the same reason. Sigh. What’s wrong with us?? 😉

  4. Minivan Mama says:

    With each new pair of shoes, a new adventure is born!

  5. Erin Lodge says:

    I loved this post! I would never call myself a packrat (I save that lovely term for my beloved!) but this nostalgia for an inanimate object – this I can relate to. I have one item in my possession that carries a similar weight for me. I loved the way you worded this post – I could visualize it :9 Thanks for sharing.

  6. Shell says:

    It’s hard to let go of something that’s been around that long. I have a sweatshirt from college that I can’t let go of for much the same reasons. It’s been everywhere with me.

  7. Amanda M. says:

    That is a touching story. My husband and I bought sandals for our wedding and we wore them out for an entire year. For our one year anniversary my husband put both of our shoes in a frame with a poem he wrote. It was beautiful and a wonderful memory. Actually, I wonder if your son has the same thought about his shoes. I mean of course he hasn’t lived in them for seven years, but it has been the majority of his life (that he remembers at least) being in the same shoes through all of his adventures.

  8. Lisa says:

    Ah, isn’t it great to think about all the memories something like shoes can bring back! And, to think of the memories you’ll make in your new shoes!

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