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I am so stoked you're here! My name is Courtney. Disciple. Wife. Mom of Three. Writer. Designer. Business Owner. Visionary. Creative. Entrepreneur. Amateur Photographer. Coffee Addict.

I love the thrill of starting new things; the excitement and challenge of running a business. I believe that every woman—regardless of her background—has the potential to do God sized things. Let's make those big dreams a reality!

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2019 has been one of those years. Anyone else looking forward to seeing this one end and getting on with the excitement and newness that awaits on January 1? I don’t believe that there is anything remotely magical about the New Year, but it always feels so fresh—like a clean slate and a new opportunity. New opportunities for change and new opportunities for launching a new business.

With the New Year comes new opportunities for change and new opportunities for launching a new business.

It’s been a year of struggle and of uncertainty and a whole lot of growth where our faith is concerned. Despite reopening, rebranding and re-promoting my Web & Graphic Design business, the internet has changed and continues to change. There’s new players in the game (like ShowIt…my new favorite web design platform and where I’ve built my current site) and the needs have changed. That said, income has fluctuated; business has slowed and cost of living has climbed (hello, California).

God has provided in ways that we could never have fathomed, and with that He has opened doors for new opportunities. Amidst the 2019 Government Shutdown, a dear friend I have known for almost 10 years reached out and sent me a gift that, to most, would have seemed silly.

She sent me shampoo.

At the time, it was just shampoo. Till I started to use it and fell in love with it. Up until that point, I was still struggling with really severe postpartum hair loss. Having our baby girl totally butchered my hair (falling out, dry scalp, brittle and dry…). It was not a pretty sight and I was really insecure. Even the Bible talks about how a woman’s hair is her crown. I’d always taken pride in my long, thick hair and pregnancy had zapped it of its life and shine.

It took me almost SIX MONTHS to use all of the products that Amy sent me (because this stuff doesn’t take but a tiny little dollop compared to some other stuff that takes an entire handful for my really thick hair). I was sorely disappointed when it was all gone, but—government shutdown aftermath meant we weren’t investing in anything new. Including shampoo. So, I went back to my Target brand stuff and within a few weeks my hair was falling out again and lifeless all over.

When we started brainstorming goals and dreams and vision for 2020, we decided that we were prayerfully going to pursue new ventures. While I am still accepting new design work, web design is not going to be my primary focus in 2020.

Instead, I’m embarking on a new business venture…with Health & Beauty Company—Monat.

Shop Monat with Courtney Kirkland

I have never, ever shared products that I did not back 100% and have never pushed products that I did not use myself. I know a lot of people who turn their nose up at Direct Sales and Network marketing and that’s okay! In my opinion, Network marketing is no different than Instagram influencers sharing and promoting products that they love for a commission. I have a whole list of resources that I recommend to women and have shared countless planners that I highly recommend. This will just be another realm of sharing what I love and how it might benefit or help you.

This won’t become a billboard full of sales tactics, but I look forward to helping you and your family find confidence again in their hair. It’s not just about vanity. It’s about loving who you are, feeling good in the skin you’re in and investing in yourself. We can’t wait to see what 2020 holds.

New Opportunities

Hair & Beauty

November 2, 2019

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