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  1. Rebecca says:

    We have way too much in common! I’m so glad I found this blog (my mom did actually and sent me the link). I look forward to reading more!

  2. Irasema Alvarado says:

    Hello Courtney, you have an amazing testimony! My youngest son is also named Jonah and he will be 2 in a few weeks! I will be a soon to be stay at home mother, and am so glad I ran into your blog! Cant wait to learn and get to know you better! Blessings,

  3. daniel says:

    I’m a grandpa . I love God ! I love my wife ,my daughter , my granddaughter. I love life!!!

  4. Emilio Velez says:

    Your story is amazingly interesting. You have many things in common to my wife(Liberty University & the dirty feet in bed thing). A find of mine sent me your link. She is also a Liberty student. I would like to read more and possoble follow suit as I believe Ive been called to ministry and have started the journey of vreating a web page which i hop will be able to inspire people in seeking truth. Well, i want to thank you in advance for sharing your wonderful story.
    God Speed.

  5. Maddie Ward says:

    Mrs. Courtney, I read your personal story. I am about to be a Senior in High School… We don’t have a lot in common as far as partying and that kind of thing, but I will say that I loved reading your testimony. I believe it is just proof that God can help you with anything & is there for you through the good & bad. I’m a Christian myself and I’ve always been raised in a Southern Baptist church. I’m blessed to have parents who love God and have raised me to be who I am today. Living in a small town in Arkansas, everyone is close- knit & my church family might as well be my real family. We are also a PRAYING church. I believe nothing is more powerful than prayer. I’m assuming you pray a lot and that is a major component that has influenced your changes in your lifestyle. I know that you were raised in church to you stated and that is something I can relate to you with! This church is a normal part of my life and I love it. As a Christian, I do FAIL. I don’t read my bible nearly enough, or pray enough. I do know that God is always on my side though. I just want to say that I pray that you will always keep him with you, too. Same goes for me. I loved reading your story and just want to say thank you for giving a piece of information that is REAL. This is what REAL people/Christians experience because nobody {besides our wonderful God} is perfect. Anyways, just thank you for sharing. God Bless!

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