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  1. Christy says:

    “Church” people are not any more perfect or better than anyone else….just “hopefully” saved by the grace of Jesus. If someone acts like they are, ime it’s because they’ve very insecure, scared, etc My guess is that they reacted the way they did (gossping about you, writing about you, and defriending you) because they saw themselves in what you wrote and felt guilty….whether it was intended to or not from you is besides the point. I know it hurts when people act immature and instead of coming to you and just plain out asking if you were talking about them in your blog. I’m just guessing here. I hope at some point this person will see how they’ve behaved and realise that it wasn’t all about them, and humble themselves and apologize and ask your forgiveness and if not….that’s their loss. It hurts when someone you care about just ends a friendship without even discussing it with you, but you are able to see their true colors before investing even MORE of your time, friendship, and love and care.

    I do hope one day you and your husband find a church home, and I’ll give my 2 cents (and you can throw it out if you want! ) go in knowing some people in the church are not going to be the people you think they are, some are not Christians, a couple may hurt you, but hopefully many will love Jesus with all their heart and in turn love your family with all they can too!

  2. Jessica says:

    Sometimes when I read your posts I think we’re probably long lost sisters, seriously. I have a family blog that I had originally started just to focus on the baby when he was about 5 months old and I had ALL intentions of creating it to be like my blog now (www.frecklesanddirt.com) so I started posting about the boy and then did a post about “Things I’ve learned since becoming a parent” which including all kinds of stuff from the fact that breastfed babies’ poop doesn’t stink to the fact that I was annoyed with this, that or the other. Well, one of the things was that There were WAY too many people visiting me in the hospital like 6 hours after having my emergency c-section. Seriously, there were like 50 people in my room at once (we both have huge families), I had barely gotten to hold my baby (he was early and had to have oxygen at first), I had the IV in an awkward place and the stupid things kept beeping, my catheter bag was RIGHT THERE for EVERYBODY to see and I was working off of about 2 hours (if that) of sleep. I was grumpy, there were too many people. Anyway, I wrote that one of the things I learned was that “I will never go visit someone in the hospital after a C-section the very next day”. THat’s my opinion….weeeellll, it had my whole Husband’s family in shambles, I mean, they were talking about me and this that and the other and saying that it was just awful and waa waa blah blah…none of my family were offended, they all agreed and they all will be there next time, lol. Well, I ended up stopping that blog because I was so frustrated because HEAVEN FORBID I express my opinions on my blog…so needless-to-say, I can never put anything like that up again…crazy! Anyway, I told you that to tell you this….I understand you, totally, completely and sister if it doesn’t make your hubby mad (this post I spoke of earlier didn’t make hubby mad until it hurt his family’s feelings and then it did) or anything like that, post it, write it, blog it, because it IS your blog, YOU do pay to host it and WE love to read it!

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