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Laurie Tarducci Photography | Custom Branding + Showit Website Launch

November 24, 2020

With any rebrand, a Custom Branding and Showit Design Experience is my go-to recommendation. Laurie Tarducci is a Petersham, Massachusetts Photographer who was looking to rebrand her business and transition from using an old business name to a brand new one. When Laurie found me on Facebook and decided to reach out to talk about her brand relaunch, I was over the moon.

Laurie & I are both part of a great photography community over at Unraveled Academy. I had fallen in love with her unbelievable talent . Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to work with her. To say she is talented would be the understatement of the century because this girl kills it. She’s so good, I would get married again, just to hire her to take pictures for me.

After our initial call, I knew that Laurie was not a “give me something boring” kind of gal. She’s as genuine as she is talented and I couldn’t wait to bring her design and her vision to life. Today, I’m so excited to celebrate the launch of the all-new Branding and Custom Showit Design for Laurie Tarducci Photography!

To celebrate, I wanted to point out a few of my favorite features of her new design. With any Custom Brand and Showit Design experience, the goal is to ensure that your business’s identity is emulated throughout the entirety of the site. But, to get the full experience I would encourage you to visit to check it out for yourself.

A Few Favorite Features

  • Laurie specializes in two different types of photography—portraiture and wedding and engagements. She really wanted to draw attention to her wedding/elopement/engagement work, so I wanted to make sure to separate those two experiences and invite her client base in without distraction. Her experience page offers a jumping off point for both client bases.
  • The unbelievable full sized navigation menu makes my heart leap. I adored so many of her images and knew that I wanted to draw as much attention to her talent as possible. This navigation bar? This is what dreams are made of.
  • Emphasis on who she is as an artist and who her ideal clients are was imperative, so we brought that to fruition throughout her site with an emphasis on her business mantra and what makes her unique. This was easy to implement on her about page and throughout her website.

Here’s a quick peek at her design, but to get the full effect, make sure you head over to Laurie Tarducci Photography and look around!

Branding + Showit Website Launch | Laurie Tarducci Photography
Branding + Showit Website Launch | Laurie Tarducci Photography

You can view my full design portfolio here on the site; there is much more that goes into a design than just aesthetics! Or, you can get in touch with me to start your own design—just in time to kick off a New Year!

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