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Judgmental Mommy

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I’ll agree I tend to judge parents too. I try not to, it’s not a hobby but sometimes it’s happens.
    Most of the time I tend to judge most of the things you have written. But I want to defend myself on the last one. HEHEHE!
    My son is six and is a very active kid. Most of the kids on our neighbourhood are around his age and he likes going out outside to play without me.
    Would I let my 3 year old go out on her own? Absolutely not! But my son also have MANY rules he has to follow, including asking me to go anywhere, to a time when he comes in, to my big no crossing the street. ALL of which he follows with no question. Not only that we live in a neighbourhood that is very much a community. We don’t just let our kids out to fend for ourselves, we are either usually out there with our coffees talking to each other while the kids play or we ask the other to keep an eye out if we are in the middle of making dinner, but for the most part I’ve never had an issue with older kids being out. It’s the younger kids who get left to fend for themselves.
    And funny enough there is a young kid who is out all the time (I’ve blogged about this before) who goes out on his own and ALL of the above things you mentioned (don’t know about the house) is him. And I don’t judge him, I judge his mom.
    My biggest fear is becoming a hoarder mom. So I tend to toss out and donate the things that are not being used. That way it doesn’t get moved to the next base we get posted to (or PCS). I’m completely honest that my house doesn’t look like a magazine, it’s well lived in and maintained but NEVER to the point where we could be even considered a candidate for A&E’s “Hoarders”.
    Love your blog! I’m a new follower!!

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  7. lilly says:

    just read this.. i clean houses.. OMG! there are some parents that are so damn lazy it’s not funny! the parents whine at each other and whine at the kids!.. … and then the kids to it too… one of their children until recently was nearly ignored.. just put in in the pac-n-play infront of the tv… i told the girls of the family, i come to clean the house, not to pick up … there’s a difference. i explained in my house, that while not “immaculate” and even cluttered, but if my daughter leaves her toys sprawled around the house.. she knows well, what will happen to them!… i also judge parents as there are different ways of disaplining your child… i’ve seen other parents smack their kids… rather then a firm grab, out in public… my child also watches too much tv, however, i’m a single parent. and i don’t let her watch a lot of the junk either. on the flip side, when she was a baby, and my husband wasn’t home for 12hrs at a time… and i needed to get things done, i’d put her in front of the tv… or in the middle of the night.. and low and behold, by the time she was able to talk, not only did she know all of her colours, but she knew her shapes (we’re living overseas) and sounds as well… all in the local language. she chooses to watch phineas and pherb and then makes the choice herself (now age 6) to watch the news~. though i also am fluent in the local language, some basic things i never knew as i didn’t grow up here. when a child knows something a parent doesn’t.. unless it’s gossip, IT’S OKAY! yes, children must respect all adults, however, we adults also need to know, that today, there were and were when we were kids, things our parents and us are not going to know and our kids will and IT’S OKAY!.. it is okay not for parents to know everything! we also have to “big enough” as people to know that it’s okay. my daughter will ask me things, that i do not know!… so, thank god for google… and i google her question and we learn together! PARENTS DON’T HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING.. and IT’S OKAY FOR OUR CHILDREN TO KNOW THEIR PARENTS DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING~! we are human!

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