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July 15, 2012

We had our Gender Reveal Party Saturday. After opting not to find out the sex of our baby at our ultrasound last Monday, we had our tech write down the baby’s gender and seal it in an envelope for us to take to my friend and cake baker extraordinaire Thea aka Bakermama. She took a few examples of cakes that I liked on Pinterest as well as the Gender Reveal party invite that I create and made us this beautiful (and delicious) cake for our party. The inside was dyed pink or blue according to the baby’s gender and we didn’t have a clue what to expect when we cut it open.

I had secretly hoped that there might be a trace of blue or pink crumbs on the outside of the cake when Thea brought it over, but she was careful to not let any stray and we had to wait impatiently for the party guests to arrive before we could slice into this beautiful cake. I have to admit…I almost didn’t even want to cut this cake because of how pretty it was. All clean and wrapped up like my own little present. Almost.

That’s right! It’s a BOY!

I have to say, part of me was really surprised by the outcome of the cake. But the other part of me wasn’t. For the first 17 weeks or so of this pregnancy, I just knew  that this baby was a girl. I spent the majority of my time baby browsing looking at girl stuff. This pregnancy was so different in the beginning than my pregnancy with Noah that there was no doubt that this little bundle would be all pink. But after the morning sickness went away and my appetite came back, the similarities between the two were unreal. It was like reliving my first pregnancy all over again. And when we saw baby boy wiggling around on the ultrasound last week, part of me just knew that this baby would be a boy.

I even dreamed about cutting out cake the other day. The inside was, as you can see in the real photo, blue. A subconscious affirmation, maybe? Noah also changed up his prediction after our ultrasound. Most of you may remember me saying that Noah has said baby sister from the very beginning. Ask anyone what he was having and he’d say sister without thinking twice. After the ultrasound, he informed me with little to no hesitation that he was going to have a baby brother. Either way, we are beyond excited and can’t wait to meet this sweet boy in November!

I have to give a big, BIG shoutout to Bakermama for making us this beautiful cake! Not only was it gorgeous (I mean, really…that is talent) but it tasted fantastic. Her mix of Vanilla Cake with Caramel Filling was just what this pregnant mama needed. I may or may not have eaten a grand total of five slices Saturday. But, seriously. Who’s counting? Thank you so much, Thea!

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures from our Gender Reveal Party before I post them here, make sure to head over to Heidi Stutes Photography. She captured some of the most exciting and beautiful moments of our party for us and has put up a little preview for everyone to see.

Congratulations to Nicole from Miss Mommy for winning my Gender Reveal Giveaway! I have to say choosing a winner took forever because it seems like everyone thought I was having a girl (don’t feel bad, I thought so to for a long time). Nicole, make sure to email me within the next 48 hours to claim your prize!

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  10. What a fun party idea!! Clever, clever.

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