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If I were anonymous…

January 21, 2011


I’ve thought many times to myself that maybe, just maybe, I should have started this blog as an anonymous mother. Just a woman somewhere out here in this great big, wide world who has thoughts and opinions and ideas about life that she wanted to share. I’ll be honest, my life might possibly seem all the more interesting if I’d chosen to blog anonymously. Granted, the blog might not have grown the way that it has [anonymous blog=no sharing on Facebook, which is where a lot of my readers have joined in from]. But there is a lot more that I may have been able to blog about.

When my husband drives me nuts, which isn’t too very often, I could have blogged about it without worrying that his feelings would get hurt or that his buddies [who, again, may read on Facebook]. When family members annoy me to the point of yanking hair out of my head, I could write it out, vent to my hearts desire and be done with it. Without having to worry about dealing with the run-ins later. When my son does those things that are absolutely hilarious but a little too…ahem…personal to share because of the “embarrassment factor” that I’m sure we’ll run into down the road.

Oh yeah…if I were anonymous, then I could really tell you some stories.

Like the time that…oh wait…*note to self* you are not anonymous. And that story might go over so well with certain people.

So, why did I choose not to blog anonymously?

Aside from the fact that I like the attention [everyone who has a personal blog does, whether they admit it or not], I think people connect more with someone they feel like they really know. Someone they can see. It’s easier for me to read a blog when I can put a face with the “voice” behind the writing. {And sometimes an actual voice, like my friend Annie just did over on her blog…I’m a little too country, I think. Never been a big fan of hearing my voice on a microphone, etc.}

I enjoy the interaction. And despite how much easier it would be sometimes to be anonymous, I like having a voice. I like that my name is connected with my writing, my thoughts, my opinions. I watched some random movie on Netflix back when the husband was gone about a guy who wrote novels but wrote them under a different name. There is no credit in that. I don’t mean that come across in an “I’m brilliant and everyone needs to notice me” type way, because that’s not what I mean. But I believe that if you have a talent…a gift-be it writing, photography, painting, whatever-those gifts need to be recognized and put to use. Then again, some of you may feel completely different.

I had a point when I started writing this post…but the snow plow pulled up outside the window and started scraping ice and I’ve gotten distracted. Think: nails on a chalkboard. Now I can’t remember where I was going with this topic…

30 minutes later…

Okay. The snowplow is gone. Whew. I can concentrate again.

Where was I? Oh yeah…anonymous. Writing anonymously. Taking credit for your work…

My point: I think that the blog world has gotten so political that sometimes we are afraid to say what we are really thinking for fear of repercussions and ridicule. It’s easy to say what we want when no one knows who we are. I really strive to be honest and open with all of my writing. I try to not worry about the ridicule and the questions that may arise from followers. For example, my post on parenting confessions received over 150 hits the other day when I posted it. People like real. People connect with honest. I get off track at times and find myself wondering what people will think if I write about something in particular. I’m doing my best to avoid that fear and to maintain my integrity here. I’d rather blog about something that interests me and take the ridicule for it than blog about things that bore me and create no discussion.

What are your thoughts on anonymous blogging? Ever wish you had chosen an alias name when you put your first words out for the world to see? Love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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