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October 20, 2010

God amazes me.

He always, always has a way of doing things that shock me, surprise me and send me to my knees. It seemed appropriate last night when I was typing this post that I had nothing scheduled to go up today. I spent countless hours yesterday morning trying to come up with something to write about. Even my 30 Days of Truth plan wasn’t working for me. Something just wasn’t coming together. Then Hubby called me at 10:45. He wasn’t excited; I could tell. His news wasn’t what I was wanting to hear and quite frankly I was really upset. I spent most of the morning crying on and off and I finally just hit my knees in the middle of kitchen floor and told God that only he knew what was best for our family and for him to take control and do with our future whatever he wanted.

About two hours later, Hubby called back saying that they had gotten the list of new duty stations today. Everything we assumed would be on there and were anticipating choosing from, was there. We had previously discussed and talked about taking orders to New London, Connecticut or to Cape May, New Jersey. There are lots of things to do there, and I had already started checking out housing for out there. God seemed to have other plans.

Still stressed out, anxious and all around frustrated with the day, I got out to go get something to eat. On my way back from Zaxby’s the hubby called again. I could tell he was in a much, much better mood and that something had made him happy. But the first words out of his mouth were, “Are you sitting down?” My thought? If this is more bad news or something else that is going to give me a headache and stress me out, then it can wait until tomorrow.

It wasn’t.

It was our soon-to-be new home he was calling to tell me about.

We have gotten orders to Kodiak, Alaska.

Oh yeah. You read that correctly. Most definitely is that NOT Connecticut or Jersey. But we are so unbelievably excited!

I was thrilled when Hubby told me! Not disappointed in the slightest; and probably overly eager to get there! We both spent last night reading all about Kodiak online-checking out the base we’ll be living on, the Cost of Living difference {which isn’t as high these days as people seem to think it is}, looking at a new vehicle that can withstand the ice and the snow, and shopping for new “Alaska Clothes.” (Ok. So maybe that last part was just me.)

It will most definitely be a change for us. I’ve only ever lived in Alabama and Florida…so living in the Frozen Area of Alaska will be a BIG adjustment for me. Hubby seems to have been everywhere with the Navy, but he’s just as excited for the change as I am. We’re planning this really great cross-country drive for our trip out there and we’re hoping to make some great sight-seeing pit stops along the way. And I’m hoping to have a bright, shiny, sparkly new camera to document and video the entire thing with so you can all join in our journey.

If moving to Alaska does nothing else, it should certainly make for some interesting reading to those of you who follow my little blog!

I have to say, too, that I am so unbelievably grateful to those of you who offered words of encouragement, prayers and congratulations yesterday and this morning. You guys are amazing and the community that is being built here makes my heart happy! I hope you guys will continue to keep our little family in your prayers over the coming weeks. My trip to California is rapidly approaching; Hubby still has several weeks of classes left that he has to get through; and there are a lot things that need to work out for us before we move in January. So please just remember us, if you don’t mind!

You guys are great!

KODIAK-here we come!

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