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  1. Hannah says:

    This is perfect! I was married while I was in college, and whenever I told a peer or professor I was married the reaction more often than not was a flat “oh…” as if I was giving up on life! It always frustrated me because as much as part of me yearns for “worldly” success…there is nothing better than marriage and family! I wouldn’t consider myself any kind of success if my familial relationships/obligations failed! Thanks for the uplifting post πŸ™‚

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      You are so right! When I announced that I was leaving college temporarily to get married and have kids, I got the same reaction. It was as if I was completely throwing my life away. But, I’ve found what I REALLY love doing (writing and doing graphic design) because of my family and being at home with my son. Without them, I’d probably be stuck doing something I hated.

  2. What a beautiful post!!! Stopping by via Just Write!!!

    You have been so blessed with your husband and son. I hope that you continue with your happiness!!

  3. Heather says:

    I SO understand this. Finding contentment in what i have right now is so important to me. And then I get itchy for “big” things and then I remember that I am doing big things right here in my corner of the world, in the hearts of my children. And as long as I can write, pour out my creative heart, I can breathe in the midst of the chaos of motherhood πŸ™‚

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      This was so beautifully written! I reach that point on occasion where I still want the BIG things and wonder if I will ever get there, but being a mom to my son and a wife to my husband matters more than anything.

  4. I think this is why we *sometimes* find ourselves able to get along with people in adulthood that we couldn’t stand in childhood…because we’ve all had our vision and our pathways shifted, and they converge a bit more than they once did.

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      I agree. Some of the people I barely spoke to growing up are closer friends now, while some of the ones who were close friends never did grow up and we’ve drifted apart. Life has a funny way of working things out.

  5. Elaine says:

    I like how you gave us a bit of your history here to give even a better feeling or your past and what got you to where you are today. And I love that your background helped you to get there. My family fuels me too. Totally. πŸ™‚

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      Thank you, Elaine. I agree. Despite the “negatives” that come from life in a small town, I wouldn’t be where I am today without those small town values.

  6. CJ says:

    The small town conundrum! They are AMAZING places to grow up, but once grown, they are meant to be left….but then when we have our own little ones to raise, we want the safety of the small town again.

    You are living the best life for your family and THAT is an accomplishment all your own!

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      Thank you, CJ. It was a great place to grow up in a sense, but they are very constricting. We like to take our son back to visit, but not so much to live. There is a whole big world out there and for now, we are just enjoying giving him the chance to explore it.

  7. Barbie says:

    Oh yes, my family is what fuels me too! I was working full time, crazy hours, in the big city as a legal secretary. Then I started having kids, and after my 2nd was born I went to work full time for my pastor. I can’t afford to stay home full time, but God has provided a much more satisfying job in the Body of Christ!

  8. Isn’t it amazing how a child can change everything that is important to you. I have never lived in a small town, but your story did a very good job of taking me back to your time spent in your and the feelings your time there were. How interesting it is what life brings us. Yours has gone full circle and then full circle again. I do not think it is weird that you were self-less for your child and now that he is older you are finding yourself pondering what you want for you again. I loved your line, “Success, I’ve learned, doesn’t come from the approval of society and those around us. It comes when we acknowledge that we are doing something we love and can find contentment in that.” I could not agree more! -Laverne visiting from Just.Be.Enough link up

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      Thank you, Laverne! I think that it’s a natural change to be selfless for so many years and then return to a state of wanting a life outside of being a mom. Those first few years children depend solely on you. Like you said, now that he’s older I find that he is able to do so much more on his own and I NEED that something all to myself to maintain my sanity. πŸ™‚ It makes me a better mom, too.

  9. Jessica says:

    Beautiful post! It’s amazing how the things that fuel our motivations and ambitions change when we have kids. Like you, I always wanted to be more than those that I grew up with. I had big dreams that were fueled mostly by my own ego and desire to make my parents proud. Now, I still have big dreams, but the passion with which I pursue my dreams has changed. I’m more passionate now and feel more capable to live out my dreams of writing, for instance, because I feel like I’ve accomplished so much as a mom. Along with being more confident, it’s looking into my little girls’ eyes that makes me proud and makes me want to excel and be the example that I can only hope will one day inspire them.

    • Courtney Kirkland says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I still have big dreams and want to accomplish big things, but the motivation has changed. It’s more about teaching my son to never give up on what he wants and to chase down his passion. Motherhood definitely instills a new sense of confidence, for sure. πŸ™‚ Glad you are finding YOUR way as well!

  10. Kimberly says:

    Love this. It’s so true that the love and joy of a family is what fuels us the most. You’re doing a great job making your family proud!

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