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False Alarm…

November 12, 2012

It’s been a long weekend in the Kirkland household. For those of you who follow me on Facebook then you’ll have seen my update on Friday that we were heading in to the hospital. Before you go getting all excited, I am still pregnant and Jonah man is still hanging around.

Friday morning around 3:00 am I got up to make one of my many, many trips to the bathroom (thank you, baby boy and your ever present pressure on my bladder) and my water broke. There was no denying it when it happened. It was a pretty good reminder of exactly what happened when I went into labor with Noah. Knowing that last go around my contractions didn’t start for almost two hours, I decided to snag myself something to eat before heading to the hospital. All of our bags have been packed for almost four weeks, so aside from getting dressed and waking up the husband, I didn’t have a whole lot to do before heading to the hospital.

I woke my mom up first (she has serious insomnia and is usually awake all night anyway) and we went down stairs to chat while I waited for my contractions to flare up. The husband was supposed to work on Friday morning, so I didn’t want to wake him for no reason if we didn’t head straight to the hospital. At 4:30, I still wasn’t having any contractions, so I opted to go lay back down and try to get a few more hours of sleep. When Josh got up to go to work, I got up and took a shower and put in a call to my doctor.

At this point, my water wasn’t leaking constantly, but would leak a little when I sat down for an extended period of time. The nurse on call told us to go ahead and head to the hospital, so after I showered and we packed the car, we headed that way (me, the husband, my mom and Noah). They checked us in, sent us to the L&D wing and we waited on the nurse. I got all hooked up to the monitors and they did the first PH test to check for my water breaking. When they hooked me up, my contractions (which I still wasn’t feeling) were coming about every 2-4 minutes. We hung around for about an hour before they did the first internal check to see what kind of progress I was making.

That check came back that I was only dilated 2 cm and was only about 50% effaced.

Big. fat. letdown.

Then the nurse did the Nitrazine test that came back negative for my water breaking. Followed by a second test (that I can’t remember the name of) to see if the Nitrazine test was a false negative.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t and we were sent home about 30 minutes later.

What they think happened was that my water broke partially and then my contractions helped to reseal whatever small tear there was in my amniotic sac.

Which means that I’m still very pregnant and very uncomfortable.

When I had my weekly checkup last Thursday, the doctor requested another ultrasound to measure baby boy’s size. If you have been reading my updates for a while, you’ll remember that a few weeks ago I was measuring four weeks ahead of schedule according to my belly size. When we had that ultrasound, they changed baby boys due date from November 26 to November 19. Since we’re nearing the end of my pregnancy, the doctor decided to go ahead withanother ultrasound to see if he was still measuring bigger than he should.

We had that ultrasound today. Jonah is currently measuring about 38 weeks and 4 days. So we’re somewhat back on schedule and where we are supposed to be. According to this ultrasound, my due date would be November 24; only two days different than the original due date they gave us. Everything with our sweet boy was measuring as it should. His lungs, heart, and other little body parts are all developed and are showing no signs of having any issues. We watched him breathing and flexing his little hands and fists. His guesstimated weight right now is about 7.5 pounds. Which puts him already almost a pound larger than his brother (assuming that the weight is accurate).

As for me?

I’m just…here.

Sore. Aching. Really, really uncomfortable.

Our trip to the hospital and all of the poking around they did seemed to have gotten the ball rolling a bit. I’m having more contractions (these that I can actually feel) and Jonah seems to be dropping a bit more every day. Still nothing regular enough or strong enough to head back to the hospital and no leaking fluid.

We have our next appointment on Thursday to go over the ultrasound results and decide whether we’re going to wait another week or two (heaven forbid) for baby boy to arrive on his own, or if we’re going to plan an induction. Noah was a small baby, but his head (like his brothers so far) measured a few days further ahead of schedule on the day of his delivery. Which resulted in second and third degree tearing for me (ouch). My doctors and I are hoping to avoid that this go around; as well as avoid having to have an Episiotomy or a C-Section.

So, that’s where we are right now as I write this (at 10:15 on Monday evening). My fingers and toes are crossed that this baby boy decides to make his appearance SOON. Sleep is almost non-existent these days because of Jonah’s size and position mixed with his constant bumping and punching of my insides. And I won’t even get started on the back pain that I’m experiencing.

That being said, I would greatly, greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers that this little guy gets on the ball. Soon.

And if you’re wanting to be among the first to know when we get the ball rolling around here (again…ahem) then be sure to head over to my Facebook page and subscribe, or follow me on InstaGram!

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