17 Hats

I cannot give enough praise for 17Hats! As a small business owner, it is essential to me to have everything in one place and functioning smoothly. 17Hats makes that possible. 



There are tons of newsletter sites available, but Flodesk is hands down the best! Their drag and drop design makes creating beautiful. newsletters easy and enjoyable. 


Write the Word Journal*

I love to end my day by sitting down and writing out scripture in this Write the Word Journal from Cultivate. These are quick, themed journals geared for various seasons of life ideal for busy women on the go.


Growth Roots Journal

This is one of my favorite Quiet Time tools from Growth Roots Co.! This journal holds all of my stuff: prayers, study notes, sermon notes, and has a personal index for me to keep everything in order! This is a great *one stop* option!


Gel Highlighters for marking*

I long ago left the world of traditional highlighters once I discovered the beauty and lack of bleed on thin Bible pages. This set from the Daily Grace Co. are my favorite! 


Seamless Bible Study*

This study by Angie Smith is perfect for anyone who is new to studying the Bible or for seasoned believers who need a refresher. I've been part of and led this study three times and I love it more each time!

Nothing Wasted Bible Study*

This study was one of my all time favorites. Kasey has a beautiful way of not only telling her story, but demonstrating to her readers that no matter what...they are never too far gone for God.

Quality Bible Marking Pens*

Anyone who knows me knows that Office Supplies and Ink Pens are my jam. I have used almost every pen made, and these Sarasa Clip pens are my "go to" for journaling, writing and marking in my Bible.



*Whenever you purchase something using one of these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting my online ministry as I work to provide quality content and information for you!

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