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Dear Big Brother

November 6, 2012

Dear Noah,

It’s been a while since mommy wrote a letter to you here on her blog. Mostly because I’ve been doing better about keeping up with my hand-written journal; so I write notes and memos and things that I want you to remember and know there.

But, you have a very big day coming up. A day whose exactness isn’t certain yet, but one that will arrive soon nonetheless.

You’re going to be a big brother.

You technically already are a big brother, and have been since February. But soon, the realness of your new role will set in.

I know that in the future there will be times (probably lots and lots of them) where you and your brother don’t get along. Times when you don’t like each other…maybe even swear that you hate each other. Times where you don’t want to even speak to one another. But, I always, always want you to remember that your brother is as much a gift to you as anything ever will be.

Daddy and I knew from the day that you were born that we would want another baby. If for no reason other than because of how much we loved you. You brought a sense of completion to our family that we didn’t even know existed. A sense of…love and excitement and fulfillment that didn’t exist before you came into our lives.

We looked at you (and still do) and want nothing but the best and the most wonderful things for you. And that includes a brother to share your life with…our life with.

I know that you won’t understand that mentality now, and maybe you won’t until you have children of your own. But the gift of becoming a big brother…of having a sibling is something that no one can take away from you. Over time, you two will become best friends, companions, buddies…partners in crime…mischief makers. And my heart aches for all of the moments that I’ll get to witness between the two of you.

You’re going to be such an important part of Jonah’s life. He’s going to look up to you and admire you. You’re going to fill a role in his life that no one else ever will. And there’s so much that you’ll get to experience as his brother.

I couldn’t think of a better big brother for Jonah. I know that no matter what happens in life, no matter what may try to come between you two…you will always be brothers.

YOU will always be his big brother.

I can’t wait to see you step into your new role sweet boy. It’s a role that you are already looking forward to. One that you are already talking about and proud to step into.

Any day now sweet boy.

Mommy loves you to the moon and beyond.


  1. […] just a little bit. You guys all know how much I worried about Noah and how he would handle the responsibilities of being a big brother and adjust to life with a sibling. It does my heart good to see that he’s still as excited (if not more so) now than he was […]

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  3. We both have big brother Noahs! Fabulous name choice! I’m sure Noah is a great big brother. Having two boys is so much fun!! Noisy and crazy, but ridiculously fun!

  4. annie says:

    This post beat me up (in a good way!). I’ve been upset with my brother lately, and these words hit me strongest: “I always, always want you to remember that your brother is as much a gift to you as anything ever will be.” Thank you so much for that reminder! I’m sure Noah is going to be a fabulous big brother!

  5. Anna says:

    I love this. We are talking about having our 3rd child, and I talk to my oldest about it. I was an only child, and I really do think siblings are a gift.

  6. Alison says:

    He will love it and be a fabulous big brother.
    Today, I watched my boys have their first ‘fight’ over the iPad.
    And I laughed, and cried a little. 🙂

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