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“Day in the Life” Photography Sacramento— Sunshine & Summer

September 4, 2020

I was so excited to have the chance to do a “Day in the Life” photography session with this family. Their oldest little boy is Sarah’s age, and she absolutely loves to play with “Wogan” (Logan) whenever she gets the chance. She was heartbroken that I got to spend the day documenting their family and she had to stay home. Logan made sure to show me all of his things, and within minutes of arriving, I was inundated with all things Star Wars and Batman.

What is Day in the Life photography?

That’s a great question! In a “Day in the Life” Session, we spend anywhere from 4-8 hours (depending on your time preference) together. During those hours, we do whatever you choose! The purpose of a Day in the Life is to capture your family in all of their glory—whether that’s messy and chaotic glory or polished and put together glory. Photos are keepsakes and treasures long after they are first taken. I first found Day in the Life Sessions after taking a class on Family Documentary Photography from Kirsten Lewis. Her work inspired me to dip into this newly emerging craft with gusto and earnest.

Sacramento Day in the Life Photography
Courtney Kirkland Photography

This family is so close and big brother Logan loves to play with his baby brother. They had the best time just relaxing and playing in the backyard. I learned that one of Logan’s favorite things to play with his dad was to “Ghost Hunt.” With Light Saber in hand, he looked all over the yard for those nasty ghosts. I think he found quite a few.

Documentary Family Photography
Sacramento Family Photography
Day in the Life Family Photography
Courtney Kirkland Photography

Another one of Logan’s favorite things is snack time. I loved watching and counting how many times he found his snack drawer or something in the fridge and helped himself to a little treat.

Courtney Kirkland - Sacramento Documentary Photographer
Courtney Kirkland - Sacramento Documentary Photographer
Courtney Kirkland - Sacramento Documentary Photographer
Courtney Kirkland Photography — Day in the Life
Sacramento, California — Day in the Life Photography
Day in the Life Photography — Sacramento, California

When bedtime rolled around, mom, dad, and Big Sister Harley helped get the boys to bed. Logan got to try out his new big boy bed for the first time and loved the feeling of being in the big bed and climbing the steps that led to his sleeping spot. Such a fun day with a sweet family.

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