I’m taking a Life Coaching class right now online with Liberty University. I’m less than 80 hours away from my Bachelor’s Degree (I’ve been out of High School almost 11 years now, so it’s about time). I have to say, I thought Counseling was what I enjoyed, but this Life Coaching class has rocked my […]

June 19, 2025

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Where Blogging fits into the Future

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking this weekend. About my family. About our life here in Alaska. About my business. But mostly about my blog and my writing and what I want to do with it. Where I want to take it. When I first started this blog back in August of 2008, I was […]

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Having Someone is Enough

Growing up in a small town meant learning early on that there were two kinds of people in our little city: those who were in and those who were out. Contrary to what people try to make you believe, social stigma’s are a reality. Especially in towns and cities as small as the one I […]

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On Writing & Photography

This is supposed to be my Monday Morning Coffee post, but considering that it’s not quite midnight on Sunday evening and I’m doing my writing now, I’m just going to call it what it is: A big fat random array of words and jumbled thoughts. That I’m going to save and post first thing in […]

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I’ve thought many times to myself that maybe, just maybe, I should have started this blog as an anonymous mother. Just a woman somewhere out here in this great big, wide world who has thoughts and opinions and ideas about life that she wanted to share. I’ll be honest, my life might possibly seem all […]

If I were anonymous…

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Why women love “Twilight”

Unless you were born yesterday, you know what Twilight is. The series of Vampire novels written by Stephenie Meyer that have taken this entire country by storm. Teenage girls swoon at the thought of kissing a vampire and grown women {myself included} stand outside of theatres at midnight to watch the new film release; all […]

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When I grow up…

I’ve already mentioned before that I am a huge fan of Sex and the City. Yes, the language isn’t the most appropriate, and let’s not even get started on the unending promiscuity and fornication. Those aspects aren’t the most appealing in the world. But I’ve always adored Carrie Bradshaw. In so, so many ways she […]

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