There is a new style of photography that is making its rounds in the industry. It’s causing some controversy and in some places, an uproar. It’s called boudoir photography. It originally started gaining popularity among the “bride-to-be” crowds and has since expanded to a much wider audience. What it is it, exactly? For all intense […]

And now for something controversial (and sexy)

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The Best & Worst Day of my Life

I’m back to the blogging world. I’ve been MIA for a little while, but hopefully I am going to be able to get back on some kind of schedule. Some kind of normalcy is much needed. The past week or so things have been way busier and way more frustrating and emotional than I ever […]

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Writing Your Spouse a Love Letter

I ran across Alecia at Savings & Stewardship via the “Friday Follow” back at the beginning of January. I stumbled across her blog at the peak of my frustration with coupon clipping and attempting to save money. I have to say that her blog was somewhat of a God-send because I have learned so much and […]

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Let’s Talk S-E-X (PG-13 Post)

My lovely, lovely friend Mandi is our Guest today.  Mandy and I found one another long, long time ago when we were both little knowns in the Blog World and have since grown together into larger, more widely read sites. A resident of Alabama [and an Auburn fan. YUCK! 🙂 ], Mandi is a former […]

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Find the balance between being a wife and a mother is hard. It’s a headache. It’s an adventure. It’s a never ending choice that has to be made: “What is going to be the most important thing to me today?” And I feel like more often than not, our poor husbands lose out on that […]

Mother-Wife or Lover-Wife?

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I’m going to brag…

In Honor of Valentines Day, I am going to do something I don’t normally do…well, atleast something I don’t do enough of. I’m going to step away from the crafting, photo’s, and generally miscellaneous posts that I usually do and I’m going to devote this entire post to my wonderful husband. {Cue simultaneous gagging “awww”} In […]

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Worth fighting for…

I’ve been thinking alot about marriage lately. Maybe it’s because it’s drawing nearer to mine and hubby’s anniversary {ok, so it’s not until April, but still}. Maybe it’s because I’m blissfully happy in my marriage right now and I want to stay that way. Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman and I’m allowed to think about […]

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