{If you didn’t read the first part of mine and my husband’s love story, you can find it here!} I don’t think anyone really and truly believes that life after the “I do” is going to be a fairy tale. I think that we like to try to convince ourselves of that, but who really […]

It’s a Love Story…Part Two

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It’s a Love Story…Part One

This was recently my Guest Post over at From Here to Eternity. A lot of my readers ventured over to read it there, but there were even more that didn’t. So, because I love you guys so much and because I love to share my story, here ya’ go! Part Two will be up for […]

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For those of you who don’t know, I celebrated my 23 birthday this past Saturday. Go ahead and collect yourselves, because I know some of you are thinking, ‘You are only 23?’ I get that all the time. LOL Truth be know, I have an old soul and have always been told that I was […]

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In a nutshell…

It’s been way too long. Since I’ve written a decent and worthy blog post, that is. I was doing pretty good about keeping those of you who are interested informed on the happenings in our lives. Then hubby came home and I pushed this little blog to the side. Because family time was definitely more […]

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Life is all about experience. Over the years I have attempted to understand things without having first experienced them. I tried to empathize with people in certain circumstances when in actuality I had no clue what they were dealing with. I tried to convince myself as a teenager that I was “in love” though I […]


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I feel like this whole being away from my husband is starting to cause more harm than good. I understand that whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” shenanigan and I truly believe that. To an extent. I think right now my hubby and I are both so stressed out and aggravated that we are […]

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And now for something controversial (and sexy)

There is a new style of photography that is making its rounds in the industry. It’s causing some controversy and in some places, an uproar. It’s called boudoir photography. It originally started gaining popularity among the “bride-to-be” crowds and has since expanded to a much wider audience. What it is it, exactly? For all intense […]

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The Best & Worst Day of my Life

I’m back to the blogging world. I’ve been MIA for a little while, but hopefully I am going to be able to get back on some kind of schedule. Some kind of normalcy is much needed. The past week or so things have been way busier and way more frustrating and emotional than I ever […]

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