Helping Your Children Understand your Anxiety by Courtney Kirkland

No, Mommy isn’t always okay…

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Motherhood Isn’t Enough

Growing up whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be, there were always three things I would say: a wife, a mama and an writer. As I got older, I realized that there was a difference between being a “writer” and being an actual published “author” who makes money from their writing. I have […]

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Raising Arrows

My husband and I haven’t always been tens when it comes to parenting our children. We, like most people, have days where we are on point with our parenting skills. We do things well; we work together (as mom and dad) well, our kids get along and everyone is happy. We hit the mark on […]

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What your Newborn Mama Friends Want you to know (but don’t think they can tell you…)

If I am being really, really honest…I never expected to find myself back in the throes of the newborn phase at 30 years old. When we had our youngest son in 2012, I really thought that was it. We’d have two kids-two brothers at that-and our family would be complete. We wouldn’t be outnumbered and […]

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I know this post has been a long time coming. I think that a big, BIG part of me was is scared to really talk about this. Because even the people in my life that I thought I could trust to be supportive and encouraging during this have let me down and begun the “process” of […]

Diagnoses Day

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The Best I Can

I’m tired of having to defend my decisions. Or my beliefs. Or my choices. I brought two little boys into the world and my sole purpose in this life is to raise them to be strong men. Good men who love Jesus and love people. Men who make mistakes, but who own those mistakes and do what it takes […]

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It’s Time to Talk About It

I’ve debated for a while now on whether to talk about this on my blog just yet. I reached out to a few friends and opened up about it, told family, entrusted those who I thought would be supportive of us no matter what. And, since my Instagram and Facebook posts have kind of come […]

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