I am a BIG dork when it comes to the New Year. I hate the word “resolution” because it simply implies that you are writing down (if you even write them down) some goals for the year…only to get two weeks into them and throw in the towel. I don’t make resolutions. I set goals. […]

Planning, Dreaming, Goal Setting

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Ordinary Everyday

I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut lately. I blame part of it on pregnancy and the fact that I spend about 80% of my day wishing I was sleeping. I missed the memo that, even though I was utterly and completely exhausted my first pregnancy, the second time around was 100 times […]

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Where Blogging fits into the Future

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking this weekend. About my family. About our life here in Alaska. About my business. But mostly about my blog and my writing and what I want to do with it. Where I want to take it. When I first started this blog back in August of 2008, I was […]

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5 Essential Elements of a Great Blog Design

Aside from questions regarding photography and editing, most emails that come my way are about blog design. How I started my business, what advice I could recommend for people interested in designing (or redesigning) their own blog, and requests to do reviews and critiques for other sites. I added Site Critiques and Consultation to my […]

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  Being a business owner scares me. Not because of money. Or liability. Or fear of messing up someones blog or website. Those things could be bad; cataclysmic even to my business or my reputation. Those things worry me, but they aren’t the things that I dwell on. Those things that leave me antsy here […]

Losing Your Integrity to Competition

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5 Ways to Lose Readers

I’m not a stickler for rules. In my opinion some rules were meant to be broken: In terms of photography, the rule of composition can be broken and you can still score a beautiful photo; In terms of design, some fonts that are just “not useable” can be used to create something great (unless we’re […]

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5 Things Every Blogger Should Know

I started blogging in college. Make when MySpace was the cool thing and you could decorate your profile using crazy neon color schemes and backgrounds. Some of my sorority sisters read it and offered feedback, so I felt like a real accomplished writer. Then, when Little Man was born in 2008, I started another blog […]

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