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December 5, 2016

About two-ish weeks ago, I made a choice to purchase a new camera and get back to pursuing my first love: photography.

I shared a wee bit of my story last week on failure, falling and allowing myself to give up because things didn’t work out the way that I wanted.  I’ve had several images featured online and contribute regularly to Lightstock, but I let the opinion of a handful of people who choose who makes it into an elite group decide whether or not I was going to continue to pursue photography. I walked away. I just flat out quit. When I went back to revisit the images that I submitted for my review (the ones that decided whether or not I earned this status or not), I shook my head. I was irritated with myself because even I could clearly see that these images were not my best. Not by a long shot. Some of these images were poorly composed, lack cohesion in terms of editing and some were just all around bad. I can’t blame the deciding committee for rejecting my application, but I CAN blame myself for both assuming that I should be admitted and for submitting lackluster work.

I made a vow that I would pick up my camera again and I would shoot every single day from now on. Maybe not a full fledge session of over 100 frames, but something, daily, to improve my work. Art is subjective and when the only “why” you have is to fit in with the cool kids, you’re bound to fail. So here we go. Week one & two of my new journey, on my terms and for my joy.

November 16-20, 2016

november-16-copy untitled-34-copy-2

November 21-27, 2016

christmas-tree-25-copynoah-and-jonah christmas-tree-2-15-copythanksgiving-93-copy thanksgiving-56-copy thanksgiving-69-copythanksgiving-62-copy

I’m still in the process of finishing up this past weeks (November 28-December 4) but will upload those next Monday. I’m aiming to make this capture feature weekly and look forward to having a whole slew of new images to showcase by the end of next year.


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