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March 15, 2012

I have a million things that I could talk about today.

I could talk about the tears I shed when someone I consider to be a dear friend, though we’ve never met in person, messaged me on Twitter to let me know that she was expecting. She wanted to tell me, personally, before announcing it because of the struggle that we’ve had getting pregnant again. I cried not necessarily because I was upset that she was pregnant and I’m not, but because that simple gesture showed me that she cared and that she was thinking of me. And I’m an, without a doubt, over the moon excited for her and her family.

I could talk about the news that we’re possibly taking a mini-vacation in May. Just a short plane ride away to Anchorage for 10 days, but a trip that I am without a doubt beyond eager to take. A trip that will result in a new laptop for yours truly seeing as how I’m booked through May and can’t take 10 days off of work anymore than I can pack up a 21″ iMac to take with me for such a short trip. Rumors are looming about the new 15″ MacBook Air. My fingers are crossed it’s released in April as expected.

I could talk about my husband. And how awesome he is. And how he sat down with me today and asked if I would tell him how I like to answer my emails so he could help me with some correspondence in the afternoons. Emails seem to take up more of my time than actual designing does. Part of the delays I encounter with designs come as a result of not being able to get away from email (most of which is relatively urgent in manner) long enough to spend entire days just designing. So he offered to help; at least for now until we get back from Alabama this summer. After which I’m seriously considering hiring a Virtual Assistant.

I could talk about a quote on Facebook that had me musing for hours…

Good things come to those who wait.   Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.

I love this quote. I think that laziness is too dominant in our society. People want everything for nothing and don’t know how to work anymore. What happened to Blue Collar men and women who busted their butts to get what they want? I think that this quote also stands out so much because of the mentality I’ve heard and seen going around in different areas of business (with blogging, with design, with photography, with…well, anything actually) that people owe their success to other people. As in, Little Tina owes her 4.0 GPA to the teacher who graded her paper and taught her class. Wrong. Little Tina’s teacher might have offered encouragement and a few nudges in the right direction, but Tina earned HER grade by busting HER butt. Not because the teacher helped her. Your success is YOUR success because you earned it. Not because someone handed it to you.

I could talk about how being a military family definitely has its downfalls. Like saying goodbye to friends. Which we will be doing a lot of in a few short weeks. Some of our closest friends are transferring this summer. And I’m not too sure how I feel about it. “Happy” is definitely not the term to describe it.

I could talk about this really exciting new project that I have in the works, but probably won’t finish until early May. I had originally hoped to launch it this month. But, life happens. Things get in the way. A big part of it is done. But, there’s still more to do. That mini-vacation in May should provide some good opportunities for me to get some writing and work done to get it ready to go.

I could talk about our one year anniversary coming up. One year since we started trying for baby number two. One year of negative tests. One year of disappointment over and over and over again. We think we might have a handle on what is causing the issue. But we don’t know yet. I have an appointment in April to get the ball rolling and figuring out what our next steps are. I’m not sure how I feel about it. But I do know that part of me has already thought about every situation and outcome at least once.

There are a million things that I could talk about…

But instead, I’ll just sit back, take a deep breath and just keep trucking forward. Stacking one aspect of life on top of the other and building my way toward figuring out and embracing the things that are changing, moving and happening right now.

Just building.

Like he does.

Thanks so all of you who are continuing to link up to 52 Faces every week! Next week will be Week 12, so along with next weeks regular image, I’ll be posting a short recap of the images I’ve captured so far this year. Would love for you guys to share yours as well!

  1. AshleyS says:

    so glad your friend was sensitive to your feelings . . . your photo processing on these are beautiful!

  2. Mahina says:

    Good luck with #2! We had such a hard time conceiving our little girl and ended up after a little over a year of trying, consulting a doctor. Luckily we only needed to take the first step (clomid) with the doctor to conceive our daughter! Praying for you!

  3. You’re doing good, mama. You have so much going on and you’re right, all you can do is keep going forward. So much love to you.

  4. Rachel says:

    You could talk about all those things…I always like how I stop by your blog and feel like we sit down for a cuppa. Praying for that mini-vacation for your family — sounds like you guys need it!

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