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With any rebrand, a Custom Branding and Showit Design Experience is my go-to recommendation. I had the opportunity to work with Tami years, and years ago when I first started my web design business. It was an absolute honor to have the opportunity to work with her again to bring her business back to life. […]

Recently Launched

January 21, 2021

Created by Tami | Custom Branding + Showit Design Experience

Created by Tami Custom Showit Design

With any rebrand, a Custom Branding and Showit Design Experience is my go-to recommendation. Laurie Tarducci is a Petersham, Massachusetts Photographer who was looking to rebrand her business and transition from using an old business name to a brand new one. When Laurie found me on Facebook and decided to reach out to talk about […]

Business, Recently Launched

November 24, 2020

Laurie Tarducci Photography | Custom Branding + Showit Website Launch

Back home in Alabama, right in the middle of downtown hidden off behind a few buildings near our city Civic Center, there stands a rickety old set of stairs. It’s like something out of an 80’s horror movie if you want me to be perfectly honest. It’s all rusted up and creaks and clangs when […]

Featured, Homemaking, Motherhood

October 18, 2020

Guard Their Spiritual Journey

Guarding our family's Spiritual Journey | Courtney Kirkland

Since the beginning of COVID-19, I have been absolutely unhinged by how clearly and how loudly God will speak when we are actually listening to Him and listening for Him. It’s almost as if COVID-19 helped to strip away everything that was clouding our faith and cluttering our lives. Although the things that it took […]

Featured, Homemaking, Motherhood

October 9, 2020

Blessed are the Gatekeepers

Blessed are the Gatekeepers | Courtney Kirkland

From the time that I was a child, I have always wanted nothing more than to change the world. Despite knowing its significance and its impact on my children, most days motherhood doesn’t fulfill me. That’s a truth that I have written about before and COVID-19 brought all of those feelings to the surface again. […]


September 29, 2020

Change the World

I had to go to school last week and pick up my youngest boy’s leftover school supplies. The leftover pencils, crayons, and workbooks that he wouldn’t have a chance to finish using. Inside the bag of supplies, his sweet teacher handed me, while wearing gloves and a mask…stretching to reach my car so as to […]

Mental Health

May 19, 2020

Today, I chose to Grieve

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Courtney Kirkland is a Southeast Alabama Writer & Designer. Since 2008, Courtney has passionately provided beautiful, intentional design to small businesses & bloggers and encouraged thousands to walk in a rich faith in any situation.

I'm a Single Mama doing what I love and fueled by Grace, Mercy, and a whole lot of coffee. I'm so glad you are here!

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