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Ana Dufreche is a Dallas Newborn, Family, and Wedding Photographer. Because Ana has such a wide variety of clientele, she wanted to ensure that her clients—whether portrait clients or wedding clients—could have the same unique experience. Together, we created one main website with two different landing points for her different client base. 

Ana's design is soft, pastel, and whimsical just like her editing and shooting style. 

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With a Showit Design, we put your most important content, your best selling products and your most read articles front and center. No matter what your niche or your profession—Showit offers you the chance to shine. Let's build something remarkable and showcase just how brilliant your work is. 

Experience new excitement and renewed passion for your business as you step into a new season—with a fresh look and fresh confidence in the work you were created to do.




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Courtney Kirkland is a Southeast Alabama Writer & Designer. Since 2008, Courtney has passionately provided beautiful, intentional design to small businesses & bloggers and encouraged thousands to walk in a rich faith in any situation.

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I help you bring your brand and your business to life with strategic, intentional, unique design crafted with you in mind. 

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