Truthfully, I thought that I would go to college, get married and move back to my tiny little Alabama hometown. That’s what everyone else did, so what more could I expect for myself?  Yet, at some point in my life, God planted in me the desire to just do more. To be more. To want more than just the same ole thing I had always known. I didn’t realize it as a teenager, but God gave me the heart of a visionary and the mentality of a dreamer.

He placed in my life a powerhouse set of women who dreamed big dreams and loved fiercely—my Mom, who instilled in me the “don’t back down from anything you want” mentality; my Granny, who was a boss of a woman and a business woman like no other; and my Maw, who was the sweetest soul you’d ever meet and the sense of balance to all of the empowerment the other women brought into my life.

My college years led me to make a lot of mistakes and cost me a lot of opportunities. I fell in with the wrong crowd, stumbled into mild alcohol addiction and blew a full ride scholarship in under nine months. I found myself depressed and hopeless because I felt like I had completely ruined my life. In my mind, there was no way I would ever have a chance to make it right. I was done. God wouldn’t use me…he gave me a chance and I blew it. What good was I to Him anymore? It took me a long time to understand that God doesn’t waste talent & He doesn’t bypass His plans because we screw things up. 

So, what's my purpose here? To encourage all women—regardless of what they’ve done or where they’ve been—to step up and step into the divine role that God has for their lives. Because, despite what you may think: you are worth it.

We are not powerful enough to wreck the plans that the Almighty God of creation has had laid out since the beginning of time. 

I am a wife of 11+ years to a hard-working man…one who is devoted to God, his family and his country. I am a mama to two little boys named Noah (11) and Jonah (seven) and a little girl named Sarah (two). Being a military family, we have lived and traveled all over this great country. We started our marriage and welcomed our first son in the Tampa, Florida area, welcomed our second son in Kodiak, Alaska; and had our only little girl in Wilmington, North Carolina. For now, we call Sacramento, California home.

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