You’re neck-deep in dishes and up to your waist in the laundry. The toddler is pulling on your pants and the dog is chewing on something...again. You likely just want 10 minutes—heck, even just 5—to yourself.

You are my kind of people.

who are you?

The people who know that parenting and life and marriage are just plain hard. Days are long and sometimes more difficult than we care to share on social media. But, at the end of the day, when your world finally calms down you see the beauty in the mess and the significance of the moments that you feel like you are just surviving. Because, when it’s all said and done? This is the beautifully messy, chaotic, and authentically perfect life that you once dreamed of.

my story.

Life is messy. Emotions are raw. Parenting is hard, marriage is work and the monotony of day-to-day life is exhausting

I don’t remember a single moment of my life that my mom didn’t have a camera in her hand or capture moments of my life on her old Canon film Rebel. My love for photography started early.

Mom and I

In 1994, when my family lost everything we had, the significance and importance of not only making memories but immortalizing them became all the more evident.

I started my photography journey as just another mom with a camera...until I found the vulnerability and timeless work of capturing moments with intention and permanently freezing the tiny moments that make a life. My heart and my passion lie with displaying the grace and goodness of God through my camera—whether by photographing your day-to-day middle moments, the passionate love between you and your significant other, or the Earth-tilting moment that is welcoming a new baby. Your life and your moments are an irreplaceable masterpiece. I’m just here to hold the pen. 

inspiring mom.

house fire.

immortalizing memories.

tiny moments.

irreplaceable masterpiece.


My Everything

Me & Granny
circa 1988

I have always been a storyteller.

 For as far back as I can remember I have used whatever means I could get my hands on to tell stories and communicate creatively.

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It’s no wonder that I was voted Most Likely to Exaggerate in High School. Storytelling requires the ability to exaggerate and bring to light details that others think are without meaning. 

I am a “glass half full” kind of gal (unless it’s coffee...then it’s just full) who knows that even though it’s hard right now, at this moment, there is beauty in this chaos and meaning in this mess. I’m a “wear too many hats” kind of person and a visionary at her. I see dreams end to beginning, not the other way around, often overloading my husband with big dreams and wild ideas. I have a deep-seated passion that dates back to my childhood for hanging on to every moment, every detail, every nuance of those you love. Details make my heart flutter. 

Outside of my photography and my writing, I’m just a mama. Noah, Jonah, and Sarah keep me running for snacks, clean clothes, and just one more playing of something MARVEL or Frozen. They are the light of my life and my most authentic muses. I’ve been married to my husband, Josh, for almost 14 years. We’ve laughed, cried, and stumbled our way across five states, seven houses, and a whole lot of military training, but it’s been the best adventure. Right now, we call Sacramento home...just until the government tells us where to go next. 

That’s who I am as an artist; but also who I am as a person. 

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meet my crew

"the wild one"

We are a military family—calling wherever the Coast Guard sends us our home for three to four years at a time. These four are the reason that I do what I do. They inspire me, encourage me, and challenge me in the very best ways. There's no question that they are the fuel to my fire and my reason for being.


"mr. incredible"

"the old soul"

"The princess"




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