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5 Ways to Lose Readers

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  1. […] probably broken them all. And I’m 100% positive that at some point I broke a few of the cardinal rules of blogging (colored text and backgrounds, anyone? Hello 2007 Blogger […]

  2. Kyna says:

    Ugh. NOTHING drives me more crazy than those darn comment verification boxes!!
    ♥ Kyna

  3. Great list! Amen to the downer bloggers. I am certainly in the middle of a crisis with my family, however I am avoiding blogging about it. I wrote one post and that is it. I think posts need to have a purpose…why would anyone want to read it otherwise?

    Two other things I hate…busy blogs. Too much of “share this” and ads. I think you have a perfect balance, others not so much (actually TOO MUCH). The flash and distract from the content.

    I also don’t like it when I cannot find where to click to comment. Sometimes it’s at the top of the post, other times beneath all the footer stuff. Make it easy to find. I have skipped leaving a comment because of that.

    The last thing I don’t like is too much linking up. When every post is linking up somewhere else. I completely believe in linking up and appreciate it as that is where most of my followers come from. However it seems to discredit the creativity of the writer (to me) if there is linking up all the time. I try to do only one a week, two max.

    Thanks Courtney…again, another great post. 🙂

    • Courtney says:

      This is a really great list, Leah! I love the idea of linking up a few times a week with the same things. When I was first starting I linked up a lot with a ton of different stuff just for the sake of finding new readers. I think the idea behind linkups is good. But I agree that too many can be a bit much. Every once in a while I’ll join in with something new if I have something relevant to add. But, otherwise, I stick to writing what’s in my head and on my mind and then if it happens to fit somewhere, then great! (I think that’s why I love Shell’s PYHO meme…I can always find something to share with her!)

      The comment thing is definitely a pain, too. I like when the comments are easy to find and when I don’t have to scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of every one else’s comments to leave mine (notice that I changed that aspect of my design?). The flash ads and 100000000 ads in the sidebar do it in for me, too. I like clean and simple where the content and the images (if there are any) are the focus. 🙂

  4. Mrs. Jen B says:

    Can we please start a “Death To Captcha” campaign? Pretty please?

  5. Rachel J. says:

    I’m a loser because I just recently got around to turning off comment verification….oooops. I knew it was bad, and I’ve been meaning to get rid of it, but I kept forgetting.

    Good list – I wish people would follow #4 on Facebook too – HA!

    • Courtney says:

      You are definitely NOT a loser! 🙂 I had comment verification when I was on blogger, too. AND YES to #4 on Facebook for sure. I’m glad that I can mute people for that very reason.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Comment verification annoys me too. I’m also with Alison, I hate LONG posts with no breaks. White space is needed in blogs! (IMHO)

  7. Well done on turning your pet peeves into useful advice.

  8. Meagan says:

    Amen on the music on a blog! If I open to music it gets X’d immediately. I usually don’t even wait to see what you have to offer. I just can’t handle any additional noise in my day!

    And I think it’s so important to be likable! There are some people I come across on the internet and I really like them. I want to be friends because they’re friendly, real and have fun or helpful things to share on their blog. Being debby downer every day can be a bit of a beating.

    Great list!

    • Courtney says:

      Agreed!! My day is busy enough and noisy enough as it is. I don’t need anything extra. 🙂 I love reading blogs where I feel like I really know the person and could pick up a conversation right off the bat if we were to cross paths. (Like you!)

  9. I have just recently started blogging, and after reading this I am going to turn off the comment verification. It does sort of kill the momentum of posting a comment when I have to decipher some captcha. One of my pet peeves is stale content, which is something I am afraid I might run into myself. Any tips on how to keep the content fresh and constant?

    • Courtney says:

      I keep a notebook with me (or something to write on) all the time. I have a pretty steady stream of new ideas that bounce around, or thoughts of things that COULD be posts, so I write them down. Otherwise I’d forget. 🙂 I think the problem with captcha isn’t the purpose behind it, it’s just that they are SO HARD to read sometimes. And I personally, won’t spend time trying to decipher them over and over. If I don’t get it the first time, then I’ll just leave without commenting.

  10. Robbie says:

    Since I am new to all of this it is incredibly helpful to read these kinds of posts. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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