Capturing the raw emotion

of the messy middle.

Yet, these middle moments are the ones that make a life.

Life is messy. Emotions are raw. Parenting is hard, marriage is work and the monotony of day-to-day life is exhausting.

 Whether you’re beginning life or in the trenches of toddlerhood, your authentically beautiful life is a story worth capturing...and God's grace is in every tiny moment.

They’re the ones we want to remember and seek to capture as best we can with our phones. At the end of your lifetime, these are the moments that you’ll want to remember.

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Moments I Cherish

In 1994, when my family lost everything we had due to a house fire, the significance and importance of not only making memories but immortalizing them became all the more evident.

Hello, friend! I'm courtney.

Military Wife, Mom, Photographer, Designer, Writer

I started my photography journey as just another mom with a camera...until I found the vulnerability and timeless work of capturing moments with intention and permanently freezing the tiny moments that make a life. My heart and my passion lie with displaying the grace and goodness of God through my camera—whether by photographing your day-to-day middle moments, the passionate love between you and your significant other, or the Earth-tilting moment that is welcoming a new baby. Your life and your moments are an irreplaceable masterpiece. I’m just here to hold the pen.

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Circa 1987

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Courtney Kirkland is a Southeast Alabama Writer & Designer. Since 2008, Courtney has passionately provided beautiful,  intentional, high-quality design to small businesses and bloggers and encouraged thousands to walk in a rich faith in any situation.  Value and celebrate the beautiful, messy, and uniquely-special moments of everyday living.